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Are our Cats Killing our Song Birds ???

It is an undeniable fact that cats are carnivores


There was a study on the stomach contents of feral cats and it showed that most of their diet consisted of rodents and insects-a very low percentage of song birds.

Birds can and do kill other birds. Even where domestic cats are not a factor and cats must hunt to survive, feral cats are not the sole predators but exist in a complex relationship with the prey species and other predators.

Abandoned street cat eating food.

What do cats eat? Primarily, cats are opportunistic feeders, and will utilize whatever food source is most prevalent, including supplemental feeding by humans, and garbage. Of the cats that rely on hunting, the majority of their diet consists of meat. The feline hunting style of wait and pounce is unsuitable for flying birds. Frequently, the flying birds consumed are injured, sickly or already dead.

Two Stray Cats on Garbage Bins

It is much more apparent that in our normal, everyday environments the actions of humans have a much greater effect on vulnerable and threatened species. Urban sprawl, fragmentation of forested ecosystems, the increase in motor vehicles and the related increase in roads, and the use of pesticides, fertilizers and poisons do much more damage to bird and small vertebrate species than do domestic and/or feral cats.


All cats, and feral cats in particular, have become convenient scapegoats for the loss of many species, especially songbirds. However, we can no longer ignore the role that we humans have played in this process. Before we can sentence cats to death for being carnivores, we need to take a hard look at ourselves and what we have done to our ecosystem.


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