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Behavioral Deterrents – our “Secret Weapons”

 Sticky Paws™

This clear, double-sided tape is inexpensive and can be applied to almost any surface. Cats dislike anything sticking to their paws. Can be found in most pet stores or can be directly purchased through Pioneer Pets “Sticky Paws™”

Feliway Spray

If sprayed in problem areas on a regular basis, it will give the cat the impression that the area has already been marked—no need to scratch. It has a calming effect on the cats, use it to spray in cat kennel before going to the vet, about 20 minutes before putting in the cat.  Can be purchased through the Doctors Foster and Smith Catalog (1-800-826-7206)


This motion detector hisses when the cat approaches the problem area. Even the most fearless of cats clear the area when it activates. This product can be purchased through the Doctors Foster and Smith Catalog (1-800-826-7206)

Vinyl carpet runner

If the back-side of the vinyl carpet runner has a very prickly feel, it can be cut to the size needed and placed in the area that you want your cat to avoid, they won’t want to walk on the points of the carpet runner.  OUCH!

Solid Air Fresheners

Cats dislike perfume. An air freshener may keep the cat away from an area until it has evaporated. (Never put it near the litter box, sleeping or feeding areas.)   Scented dryer sheets may have the same effect.

The Mini-motion Detector

This product can be purchased at Radio Shack.  The alarm chimes when the cat approaches and it stops and resets its self when the cat leaves the area.


Training Tools

Catnip, tuna or any fish oil, liver, whatever food treats appeal to your cat, favorite toys, intriguing sounds.


Lemon/orange peels, solid citrus air fresheners, bitter apple spray (for chewing problems), upside down vinyl carpet runner, white vinegar mixed with water, double sided carpet tape, aluminum foil, upside down mouse traps, strong perfume or cologne on cotton balls or highly scented dryer sheets, squirt bottle (an attractant to some cats), air sprayer loud noises (shaker can, owner shouting, “NO!”), not everything will work for all cats, surely there is one that will do the trick.



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