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Booklist for Cat Lovers

*These are some of our favorites*


Curl up with these books (and your cat, of course) and you will love what you learn about your incredible feline friends




  • Think Like a Cat by Pam Johnson Bennett, 2000.  This book is essential for all pet parents.  Valuable advice on a large range of important topics.
  • Cat vs Cat by Pam Johnson-Bennett, 2003.  Help for the multi-cat family. Learn how to keep the peace.
  • Cat Be Good by Annie Bruce, 2001.  An easy-to-read, sensible book that your cat wants you to read.
  • The Cat Who Cried for Help by Dr. Nicholas Dodman, 1997.  The author illustrates with his own case studies how feline behavior problems can be solved using the latest information on pharmacology and feline behavior.
  • Cat Watching (the Illustrated Edition) by Desmond Morris, 1994.  A beautifully illustrated old favorite that presents and answers fascinating questions about cats and cat behavior.
  • Cats for Dummies by Gina Spadafori and Paul Pion, D.V.M., 1997.  Don’t let the title put you off.  This book is a great resource for those that have extensive experience with cats as well as the first-time cat owner.  Its detailed index makes it a handy reference book.
  • Clicker Training for Cats by Karen Pryor, 2000.  A professional animal trainer reveals the training techniques you need to communicate effectively with your cat.  Teach good behavior as well as impressive tricks with just a click!  Fun for cats and owners.

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