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Cats are Much Safer Indoors

It’s a fact that an inside cat lives a longer, healthier life than the cat that puts paws on the pavement. AnTwo Stray Cats on Garbage Bins indoor cat never faces the dozens of dangers waiting outside your front door like cars, other cats ready to fight for love or territory, exposure to diseases and parasites, and sickness or death from eating spoiled food or poison.  Not all people are kind to cats running around the neighborhood as well, this may be one of their biggest dangers.

A cat let outdoors will need to see the veterinarian a lot more often than an indoor cat, and that means higher vet bills. Fleas, ticks, worms, abscesses, cuts, diarrhea, a dull coat, or weight loss are all signs of trouble and are most often seen in outdoor cats.  Remember when you let your cat back indoors, you are letting everything your cat encounters outside into your home.

iStock_000006420837SmallOutdoor cats are more prone to get lost too. Searching for a lost cat without an identification tag is a time consuming and often disappointing effort, and there’s nothing more heartbreaking than wondering for years if your missing kitty is alive and well, or suffering, abused, or dead.

Cats raised indoors are perfectly content with their indoor world. Cats that have experienced the outdoors will need some time to get used to being kept strictly indoors, but eventually they will learn to relax and enjoy the comforts of home.

They will realize the many wonderful things that come to being indoors.  Number one is their safety, easy access to food, clean litter box and no threat to their territory.  A warm loving lap to curl up on, a place to always be happy and loved.


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