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Is your cat bored? Feline boredom is often at the root of a variety of behavior problems including aggression with pets as well as people, compulsive grooming, and depression.

We all know feline couch potatoes–sedentary cats who tend to be chubby. A daily dose of aerobic exercise is as important for cats as it is for their owners. A couple 10-15-minute play sessions a day will improve your cat’s attitude toward life and will bring him into the land of the fit and trim.FishinFrenzy copy

By the way, interacting with your cat in a positive way is healthy and relaxing for you as well. Invest in a couple of well-made fishing pole-type toys and take them out during the scheduled playtimes. (Cats love routine, so try to plan play sessions for the same time every day.) You can sit on the couch while kitty is getting a workout. When kitty is lying on his side and batting at the toy, it’s time to end the play session and put the toys away. (If these toys are not put behind closed doors, the cat will continue to hunt for them and could get into trouble by chewing the string or feathers with the possibility of strangling).

These play sessions are great times for bonding with your pet.

More ideas to make your cat’s life (and consequently, your life) more fun:

  • Get a feline companion for your cat–one with a compatible personality.
  • Schedule at least one 15-minute interactive play session with your cat and a fishing pole-type toy each day.
  • Cats love to hunt for their toys, so consider getting your cat a toy from Pioneer Pet®.  Be sure to rotate toys frequently so Kitty doesn’t get bored.
  • Install a window perch with a view of the birdfeeder.
  • Provide a goldfish bowl or an aquarium to watch when the birds are not at the feeder.
  • Drop a couple of ping pong balls in the bathtub (feline racquetball).
  • Slide milk bottle rings or ice cubes across the kitchen floor (feline ice hockey).
  • Stuff cotton socks of varying sizes with cotton balls and catnip.
  • kittenSet out something new to explore from time to time like a cardboard box or a paper grocery bag (without handles).
  • Flash a beam of light on the walls and floor of a dimly-lit room (use a flashlight or a laser pointer).
  • Provide your feline with some cat furniture–something great to climb, perch on, and to scratch.
  • Get a video made for cats or a wildlife show featuring birds.



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