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Choose the Pet for Your Pet Carefully

  • If you have an adult female who has been an “only” cat for some time, it Two Thai cat are sittingis best to get a younger female. Males, even friendly ones, can over-power and frighten females. Male kittens, while more easily dominated by the female, still grow up to be rambunctious teenagers that engage in a style of play that involves pounce and wrestle (not a older female’s idea of fun).
  • If a young, active male is your family pet, he would really enjoy having a male buddy who shares his enthusiasm for vigorous play.
  • A laid-back, older (neutered) male cat may enjoy “mothering” a kitten–male or female. They usually make better mother substitutes than spayed females. Females, in general, are less accepting of newcomers.
  • The FutureMales tend to bond with each other unless both have dominant personalities.
  • A dominant cat engages in a lot of rubbing–scent marking–behavior, likes to rest in high places (for surveillance purposes) and in doorways (to control the entrance to certain rooms), and shows little or no fear.


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