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Examples of Remote Corrections

Remote corrections are basically, corrections for your cat that they won’t associate with you actually making the corrections.  The corrections will take place whether you are home or not.

The best defense method for you to make sure a correction wouldn’t be needed is to have a scratching post and other items to entertain your cat already in place.  This will help prevent your cat from establishing scratching targets

 in inappropriate  areas.


For example:   What if kitty thinks that the back of the couch or the arm of the favorite chair is his own workout center?  No problem. Scratching is a very natural and healthy behavior. We want to change the location of the scratching, not eliminate the scratching behavior completely. First, place a tall, sturdy, sisal-covered post (we recommend Ultimate Scratching Post™) in front of the target area. Next, cover the previously scratched areas with Sticky Paws™ or a few strips of doubled-sided carpet tape. When kitty goes back to freshen up their mark, they will redirect the scratching behavior to the post, the sticky tape will not agree with thim.

 It’s not easy to out-smart a cat but these deterrents will help:
  • Sticky Paws™ (comes in sheets, strips, also sold on roll  specially designed to keep cats from scratching on previously marked areas)
  • Vinyl carpet runner with the spiky side up (this makes sure the surface is uncomfortable to touch)
  • SSSCat a motion detector on a can of compressed air (effective with even the boldest of cats!)
  • The mini-motion detector sold at Radio Shack
  • Solid (not spray) air fresheners will repel cats from a small, localized area (cats dislike perfume, especially citrus)
  • Feliway stops territorial scratching as well as spraying problem

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