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Feline Grooming


  • There’s no doubt that cats are self-cleaning. They spend about one-third of their waking hours grooming themselves. Unfortunately much of this grooming time seems to be spent performing this ritual on our beds while we are attempting to fall asleep. If this has been your experience, then you are already familiar with the sequence in feline auto grooming. ¬†They follow a certain order to preform the daunting task to groom and re-groom every hair on their body, in the following order:


  • Lick the lips
  • Lick the side of one paw until it is wet
  • Rub the wet paw over the head, including ear, eye, cheek and chin
  • Wet the other paw in the same way
  • Rub the other paw over that side of the head
  • Lick front legs and shoulders
  • Lick flanks
  • Lick genitals
  • Lick hind legs
  • Lick tail from base to tip

At last we can all get some sleep!







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