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Feline Happiness – A Cozy Bed

Providing your favorite feline with a safe place to nap which is enclosed on at least three sides will help to make him feel relaxed and secure. Their ever safety-conscious feline instinct tells them to be constantly alert to dangers that might sneak up on them when they are sleeping. If the enclosure has a top, they’ll feel even safer.  A simple homemade version can be made from a cardboard box which is tipped on its side and lined with a soft pillow or blanket.

Pioneer Pet® has a unique “Cuddler Carrier Bed™” and a “Bunk Bed w/Hideaway™”

When transporting Kitty, always use a cat carrier. If it is padded with his favorite blanket, the familiar scent will help him to accept it. He should also have plenty of opportunities to explore the cat taxi before he has to be transported in it. Place it in a room where Kitty likes to hang out and remove the door, if possible. Put treats or favorite toys in it. Let them discover it on their own. Perhaps they will find the carrier suitable for their next catnap. Once they get used to it, a ride in the car or a trip to the vet won’t be so scary because they are in their  “home away from home”.

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