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Helping Kitty Change

young blue-eyed cat


Change is sometimes necessary. You may have to move to a new residence or add a new pet or family member to your home. You may want to start Kitty on a new food or change the location of theirĀ litter box. To reduce theirĀ stress during this transitional period, keep the following guidelines in mind:


  • Plan ahead. Give yourself enough time to make the change slowly. Have a goal in mind.
  • Start small. Don’t make a big change too suddenly or too many changes at once. Incorporate familiar things and events as much as possible.
  • Take baby steps to reach your goal. Give Kitty lots of attention and praise so that he will view the change positively.
  • Watch him for signs of stress, such as loss of appetite, over-grooming, or a change in litter box habits.

Just GO Slowly, change is very stressful for our cat.



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