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The Fountain Of Youth Has Whiskers

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iStock_000049930300LargeCat lovers have always known that living with a cat is life-enhancing, but now researchers have compiled a mountain of statistics showing that cats can add as much as 10 years to your life. Dr. Horst Becker’s astonishing claims come from the most exhaustive study ever undertaken on the relationship between humans and their pets. Seven scientists of the Berlin Longevity Institute worked for five years before drawing their conclusions. Becker and his associates studied more than 3,000 cat owners and found that these wonderful animals have an almost instantaneous calming effect. Just moments after a person picks up a cat, his or her blood pressure drops and the heart rate slows. According to Becker, “We didn’t zero in on the amazing powers of cats until our figures began to show they acted like a fountain of youth for their owners. Any pet will add a few yeiStock_000003591112Smallars to its owner’s life, but cats add a whopping average of 10.3 years to people who’ve had one since childhood.”

Of interest to singles…Dr. Herman Hoffman, a New York psychologist asserts that, “Cat lovers make home-loving, sensitive, gentle, and mild-mannered companions.” We don’t know what type of research Dr. Hoffman conducted to arrive at this conclusion, but it sounds logical. Alas…if you are a cat lover and you marry a cat lover, the two of you will live happily long ever after!

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