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iStock_000000533739LargeCats are much more attention needy than most people think. NEVER treat your kitten/cat like a dog.  There are very few things in common between the two.  Cats have a very different mind set and don’t process things as a dog does.  Cats are very intelligent and unique individuals with separate personalities, no two are the same.

They can become bored and depressed if they are ignored consistently. Some develop “negative attention syndrome” – they misbehave just to get their pet parents to notice them. They will try to get your attention good – or bad.

If the only time the parent talks to kitty is when he scratches the sofa or strolls down the kitchen counter, then you can bet that is what they will do, they will perform these feats when you are near, and not acknowledging them, as form to get your attention.

Just picking up your cat and putting them on the floor from the counter …. the cat gets his reward, you acknowledged him and he got picked up even for a brief moment.  (Cats and small children have a lot in common!)

When you get home from work, take the first few moments to acknowledge your cat. Talk to them and give them a good stroke if they come to you.  Forget looking through the mail, or making dinner for a while.

Your day may have been hectic and stressful, but kitty has had no choice but to spend many long hours in a quiet house without any stimulation waiting for you to come home.

You are, without a doubt, the most exciting part of their day.  Talk to them, call them by name and say how wonderful they are, stroke and play with them. You both will be happier and healthier for the time you have spent together.


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