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When Two is Better Than One

(or maybe three)???

While we may pride ourselves on how we pamper our pets with the best of everything, we may be denying them what they need the most – the companionship of one or more of their own species.

Most feline behaviorists agree that cats generally lead healthier, happier lives if there is another feline in the household with them. Even if the cats never become best buddies, just sharing the house with another living creature while you are away helps to break the monotony and loneliness. Of course, if they become playmates, there is the added benefit of exercise and entertainment that is especially needed by kittens and young adult cats.

Many cases of playful aggression directed toward the owner as well as various forms of household destruction, can be prevented if the cat’s energies are focused on a playmate. Young males (3-24 months) have an especially strong need for a “buddy”.  While owners of rambunctious young males often hesitate to take on another cat, those who take that “leap of faith” and get another young male are generally delighted to see how much the “boys” enjoy each others company.  You won’t have to entertain him as much, he now has a friend.

Introductions: The resident cat will see the new cat as an intruder

To make the introduction as stress – free as possible:

See our article on “The Importance of a Good Introduction

1.  Reassure resident cat – spend time with him

2.  Give the new cat his own room for a few days

3. Alternate rooms – familiarity by odor

4.  Gradually expose the cats to each other

5.  Have patience – it may take weeks or months before they except each other

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